Reduce Carbon Emissions by 10% in 2010 at your University
Ten Steps Checklist
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1. Create your carbon reduction team. Identify and connect with a committed, passionate, and multifaceted team who will make it happen. Include academics, lecturers, staff, management, estates and students alike. There should be no rank, or distinction between these parties, but rather, each individual should be a stakeholder on a collective mission to succeed.
2. Set your first meeting. Agree at the meeting how you will establish the appropriate permissions, and carry out the carbon monitoring. Agree also on how often you will meet to feed back how you are getting on. Remember to aim for at least 10% reductions in carbon emission across each of the four categories: grid electric, on-site fossil fuel use, vehicle fuel use, and air travel. Create working groups for each of the energy categories.

3. Research methods for monitoring energy use at the university. Do not wait until you have the perfect method but start the process and work towards creating a more rigorous methodology as the project evolves. How will you establish systems to monitor all energy use? Electricity is the easiest area to monitor as it should be straightforward to check the meters.


EcoLabs, T4Sustainability and Inheritable Futures Laboratory